Claire Fornoville

Senior Attorney




Claire focuses her practice mainly on corporate law and public economic law. She has developed particular expertise regarding the law governing state-owned enterprises and other public economic entities. Claire also assists clients in matters relating to public and administrative law.

She has been an attorney at Eubelius since 2014. She joined the Brussels Bar, but suspended her internship between 2012 and 2014 to serve as an adviser to the Federal Government on the implementation of the Sixth State Reform.

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Claire obtained her law degree from the Universiteit Antwerpen in 2011. The same year, she also obtained a postgraduate degree in comparative, international and European law from the University of Mannheim, Germany.

She volunteers as a research assistant at the Université Saint-Louis – Bruxelles and is a member of CIRC, the interdisciplinary research centre for constitutional and administrative law. Previously, she taught the exercises of Constitutional Law at that same university (2013-2016).